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We empower and equip you to live a full life, in the comforts of your own home!

Our Mission 


At Your Care Home Services was founded in St. Louis, Mo. We believe in helping our participants strive to become their best selves while receiving daily assistance and companionship at home. We give seniors and those with disabilities the courage and help to live independently and direct their own structured care, in-turn providing them with a sense of ownership and authority.

Consumer Directed Services- CDS


CDS is a consumer-directed approach to attendant services. The program allows an adult (18 and older) eligible for nursing home care to retain the services of a personal attendant, and actually direct his or her care. Services are paid for by state and federal funds through MO HealthNet (formerly known as Medicaid). We also accept private pay for those individuals who do not qualify for medicaid. 

If you qualify for CDS, you make the decisions about who provides your care (care provider cannot be a legal spouse), and when and how this care is provided. For example, CDS consumers hire, train, supervise their own attendants. They are actually the employer, complete with an IRS Employer ID number.

How Does At Your Care Home Services Support CDS and who is eligible?


At Your Care works with you to determine and verify your eligibility. We review a number of factors, including your MO HealthNet eligibility, ability to direct your care, current support systems and medical status, to ensure eligibility before processing your application. CDS is not available to persons residing in a residential care facility.


Once we verify your eligibility, we make a referral to Department of Health and Senior Services to have an assessment performed, which we can help you plan for, if you wish. During the assessment, services may be authorized for personal care such as bathing, toileting, housekeeping, laundry, meal preparation, shopping and other needs as identified.

At Your Care offers comprehensive training and support to help you direct your care. We help you:

  • Recruit prospective attendants

  • Interview and screen applicants

  • Manage MO HealthNet (Medicaid) requirements

  • Advocate with the appropriate state agencies to assure your needs are being met

  • Schedule and supervise your attendant(s)


We manage on your behalf:

  • Criminal and abuse/neglect background checks on attendant candidates

  • Processing time sheets and payroll for your attendant(s)

To find out more, please contact our CDS Intake Specialist at 314-500-6603


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